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Re: cc1plus.exe not included in GCC 3.3.1-3?

On Thu, 13 Nov 2003, Robert Collins wrote:

> On Fri, 2003-11-14 at 08:21, Brian Ford wrote:
> > However, if you already had the old monolithic gcc package when updating
> > to the new separate front end packages, then it is a setup/gcc dependency
> > bug and you should have gotten gcc-g++.
> What did you put in the setup.hint that makes you think setup would do
> version specific dependencies for the *old version* ?
I didn't create the hint, the gcc maintainer did.  I was just describing
how it should work for minmal user confusion.

> Setup will do per-version dependencies, but it does so *for the target
> version*.
I didn't think version specific dependencies would be needed here.  I'm
obviously not well versed in setup, but I thought that replacing the old
monolithic gcc package with an empty one and ajdusting that empty one's
dependencies to require the new equivalent packages would have done the
trick.  I guess I was wrong here?

Brian Ford
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VITAL - Visual Simulation Systems
FlightSafety International
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