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Re: terminal characterestics


Igor Pechtchanski wrote:
On Thu, 13 Nov 2003, koorapati, koundinya wrote:

Hey Cygwin Users,
   I have a problem when I rlogin to other *NIX hosts from the native xterm
launched from Cygwin-Xfree86. One I rlogin, it so happens that, trying to
'vi' some file, the vi editor just scrolls past the top most lines of the
file and takes me to a point somewhere in the middle. Evening trying to
position explicitly to the first line :1, does not work. I suppose this has
something to do with the X Server configuration ?. I've tried searching
through the mail archives, but don't see anyone having a problem as close to
as mine. Any help or pointers will get me moving with my work. I have been
reluctant to using any other propritery emulation software, till now as I
really want to use Cygwin

Thanks Koundinya

Is your TERM variable set correctly in the remote shell?

I have the same problem when I rlogin to AIX hosts. The TERM variable is set to xterm. I have tried some other value, aixterm works a little better. But the best way I found is to replace rlogin (run xterm.exe -e rlogin "%2@%1") with telnet (run xterm.exe -e telnet -l %2 %1).


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