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[ANNOUNCEMENT] Update: opengl-1.1.0-7

I've updated the OpenGL package to version 1.1.0-7 .

Excerpts from the README:

What has changed since opengl-1.1.0-6

gl.h and glu.h have been withdrawn from the package as they are now part of
the w32api package. The w32api package is now required.

GLUT has been upgraded from 3.7.3 to 3.7.6 . Man pages are now included in
usr/share/man/man3 .

GLUI and GLUIX are now compiled for use with g++ 3.3.1 .

Documentation has been moved to usr/share/doc/opengl-1.1.0 .

Examples are provided in usr/share/doc/opengl-1.1.0/GLUIexamples and
usr/share/doc/opengl-1.1.0/GLUTexamples .

When will there be an opengl-1.2 or opengl-1.3 or opengl-1.4 package ?

When Microsoft will provide an opengl32.dll for OpenGL version
1.2, 1.3, or 1.4 . Sadly, that probably means never. But if you have up-to-
date graphic-card drivers that support those version of OpenGL, you can load
1.2+ functions dynamically. Look in an OpenGL forum, such as:

to learn how to do it.

********************************* WARNING *********************************

If you are using g++ 2.95.x to build GLUI and/or GLUIX applications, you=20
should stay with version 1.1.0-6 of the OpenGL package.

The GLUI and GLUIX libs can only be used with g++ 3.3 .

********************************* WARNING *********************************

To update your installation, click on the "Install Cygwin now" link on
the <> web page.  This downloads=20
setup.exe to your
system.  Then, run setup and answer all of the questions.

If you have questions or comments, please send them to the Cygwin
mailing list (see=


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