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RE: Perl CPAN module help

"Gary Nielson" <> wrote:

>I tried installing several perl modules today, but make test
>failed on several in the LWP package and for HTML::Parser
>etc. Couldn't find modules I'd already installed in the INC

That's strange.  Which module is not found?  Since you have
installed it, where is it?  What is your @INC?  You can see your
@INC with

   perl -wle 'print for @INC'

>With HTML::Parser it couldn't run gcc because it was not found.

Then you must install it.  :-)  Run setup.exe and install gcc.

>How do you use CPAN under cygwin?

   perldoc cpan

To fire up the cpan shell, just type, at the cygwin shell


>Is there a web page that outlines how to configure CPAN for
>cygwin, is that what is needed?

I found it to be quite straight forward.  Please be specific and
tell where you run into problems.

>Are others having problems and how did you fix them.

We'll take one thing at a time.  I've used the cpan shell a lot,
but I need some more information about where you run into

>I successfully install some and have force installed others and
>notice that if you do a perldoc perllocal you only get the first
>three modules listed, whereas if you do a more on the perllocal
>file, you see a lot more listed. What's up with that, can anyonw

I have never used "perldoc perllocal" to see what modules I have
installed, so at this point I can't tell you what is wrong.


Peter J. Acklam - -

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