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Re: cygcheck -c gives an Application Error

See inline comments below

Igor Pechtchanski wrote:
... snip ...

> > >
> > > If you just want to see the list of packages, "cygcheck -cd" should work
> > > fine.  It looks like cygcheck dies when trying to process compressed setup
> > > package listings, so I'd guess you have a corrupted package database.
> > > Try "cd /etc/setup && gunzip -t *.lst.gz" to verify all the listing files.
> >
> > I've done the "Try" line above and there are no reported errors. Bear in
> > mind that the package list given by "cygcheck -s -r -v" is complete and
> > doesn't cause a segfault.
> Yes, but "cygcheck -srv" does not check the integrity of each package,
> only "cygcheck -c" does that.  I'm surprised none of the listing files
> were corrupted.
> > > "cygcheck -cv" should produce a slightly more comprehensive results (it
> > > will probably also tell you which package it's processing when
> > > the crash happens).
> >
> > I am afraid it still segfaults and the last report output was for
> > texinfo. No additional information was output.
> What are the last few (say, 10) lines of the output?

sed                     4.0.7-3            OK
sh-utils                2.0.15-4           OK
sharutils               4.2.1-3            OK
shutdown                1.4-1              OK
splint                  3.1.1-1            OK
squid                   2.4.STABLE7-1      OK
ssmtp                   2.38.7-4           OK
tar                     1.13.25-3          OK
tcltk                   20030901-1         OK
tcsh                    6.12.00-7          OK
termcap                 20021106-2         OK
terminfo                5.3_20030726-1     OK
texinfo                 4.2-4              OK

Nothing else.
> > > If I were you, I'd also look into the following:
> > >
> > > binutils                20030901-1         Incomplete
> > > cygwin                  1.5.5-1            Incomplete
> > > shellutils              0.0                Incomplete   [*]
> >
> > Have done - reinstalled and cleared the Incomplete reports.
> But you still get a segfault?  Strange.  Since the texinfo check completes
> with no problems[*], I'd suspect the "textutils" listing (the next package
> you have installed).  Please try "zcat /etc/setup/textutils.lst.gz" and
> examine the output.

No problems encountered.

> Also, does "cygcheck -cv textutils" crash?

Yes it does.

> How about
> "cygcheck -cv tidy"?  If the latter doesn't, then "textutils" is most
> likely the culprit.
>         Igor
> [*] You could verify that by running "cygcheck -c texinfo".

$ cygcheck -c texinfo
Cygwin Package Information
Package              Version        Status
texinfo              4.2-4          OK

No crash.

It's definitely our friend textutils. Examining the output from the zcat
piped through less shows that second and subsequent lines begin "^@",
which is the likely cause of the problem. Removing the nulls allows
"cygcheck -cv" to succeed.

Thank you very much for your help in locating the source of the problem.


Don Sharp

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