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cygwin 1.5.3: "/bin/mv dir dir" results in recursive-loop copy

Please note:  I'm cross-posting to both cygwin and fileutils lists.  Sorry
for any inconvenience.

I had a directory containing some source files.  I wanted to create a
subdirectory "src", and put the files in there.  Being lazy, I just did:
    mkdir src
    mv * src

I do this sort of thing often on various linux platforms without a problem
- the files will get moved, and an error will be displayed about the source

-apc·sme60build[~/tmp/mvtest]$ touch blah blah2
-apc·sme60build[~/tmp/mvtest]$ ls
blah  blah2
-apc·sme60build[~/tmp/mvtest]$ mkdir src
-apc·sme60build[~/tmp/mvtest]$ mv * src
mv: cannot move `src' to a subdirectory of itself, `src/src'
-apc·sme60build[~/tmp/mvtest]$ echo $?
-apc·sme60build[~/tmp/mvtest]$ find

in cygwin 1.5.3, I got the following error after a moment:
    mv: cannot create directory `src/src/src/src/src/src/src [...] /src':
    Invalid argument

I think it is the MAX_PATH=256 limitation that finally brings this to a
halt.  Each of the subdirectories contains all the source files and a src

Running "mv --version shows: 
    mv (fileutils) 4.1
I've attached a cygcheck.out file for more details.

I'm not on the cygwin list, so I'm probably not going to follow this
thread. I just thought I'd report this in case it is still an outstanding
but that needs fixing.



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