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Re: cygcheck -c gives an Application Error

See inline  comments below

Igor Pechtchanski wrote:
> On Wed, 12 Nov 2003, Don Sharp wrote:
> > I ran cygcheck -c this morning and the result, copied from the screen,
> > is attached in cygfail.out. It resulted in an Application Error popup
> > reporting
> >         The instruction at 00406cfe referenced memory at 0x00000000
> >
> > The output stops after texinfo is reported.
> >
> > The package list is fully reported by cygcheck -s -r -v whose output is
> > attached in cygcheck.out.
> >
> If you just want to see the list of packages, "cygcheck -cd" should work
> fine.  It looks like cygcheck dies when trying to process compressed setup
> package listings, so I'd guess you have a corrupted package database.
> Try "cd /etc/setup && gunzip -t *.lst.gz" to verify all the listing files.

I've done the "Try" line above and there are no reported errors. Bear in
mind that the package list given by "cygcheck -s -r -v" is complete and
doesn't cause a segfault.

> "cygcheck -cv" should produce a slightly more comprehensive results (it
> will probably also tell you which package it's processing when
> the crash happens).

I am afraid it still segfaults and the last report output was for
texinfo. No additional information was output.

> If I were you, I'd also look into the following:
> binutils                20030901-1         Incomplete
> cygwin                  1.5.5-1            Incomplete
> shellutils              0.0                Incomplete   [*]

Have done - reinstalled and cleared the Incomplete reports.

> "cygcheck -cv" will tell you exactly why it thinks the package is
> incomplete (e.g., which files are missing).
>         Igor
> [*] AFAIK, shellutils is not a standard Cygwin package.

I suspect it must have been once upon a time but anyway the reinstalls
have resulted in its disappearance. Hasn't cleared the segfault though


Don Sharp

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