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Re: running out of memory

Hi Armin,

This is a known problem with the cygwin layer, currently efforts are underway to exactly define where the problem resides, however it seems when "processes" are threaded and sockets are used in the process, in some instances when the socket is closed the cygwin layer doesn't pass the close onto the winsock, hence the socket as a descriptor (win32 handle) remains. This causes the following:

1. Win32 Handles not being freed up
2. Virtual and Swap memory not being freed up

You may want to try installing the latest cygwin1.dll as of 10th Nov
from the snapshots section. Some aspects of the problem have been resolved,
this may remedy your current problem.

Arash Partow

Be one who knows what they don't know,
Instead of being one who knows not what they don't know,
Thinking they know everything about all things.

I am running cygwin ( l.5.5 ) on a Win 2k ( 1,8 Ghz; 512 MB Ram) machine
with rsync as a service. Each night I do a simple

rsync -e ssh -a --delete --modify-window=2 /home/"samba all shares"/ ssh-user@Win2kserver:/cygdrive/x/backup

cron job from a RedHat 8.0 server. This satifies all my present needs. However, over a couple of days rsync.exe and sshd.exe processes are adding up (over 100 at my last count) until the Win 2k machine runs out of memory. Each process eats about 2.000-3.000 K. The backup still works ok and I can't find any error messages on my linux machine.



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