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Re: xfree86 fails to see/render TrueType fonts

On Tue, Nov 11, 2003 at 08:26:20AM -0800, Michael Bax wrote:
>XFree86 fails to render TTF fonts on my computer.  This is true for the
>bundled fonts/TTF/* as well as the Windows fonts.

This is not the right mailing list for cygwin-xfree observations.


>There are two problems:
>1. XFree86 does not appear to include the X11 fonts/TTF directory in the
>font path by default.  This can be shown by removing the Luxi fonts in the
>fonts/Type1 directory and rehashing.  The server should use the TTF versions
>instead, but it does not see these fonts at all.  This can be fixed using
>xset fp+, but surely the TTF font directory should be included in the path
>by default?
>2. After xset fp+ and rehash, the TrueType fonts are listed in e.g.
>xfontsel.  However, they are not rendered (or are rendered blank)!  The same
>is true for my custom-installed TrueType fonts.  They worked in XFree86 3.x,
>however, using the same installation procedure.
>Other fonts are fine, but all TrueType fonts are effectively invisible.
>This is on a fresh installation of Cygwin DLL 1.5.5-1 running on Windows
>2000 SP4, with XFree86-bin-4.3.0-6.

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