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Re: cygwin > 1.5 compile-error glibc

> On Mon, Nov 10, 2003 at 11:20:23PM +0100, Homar Simpson wrote:
> >its not possible to compile glibc under cygwin, since changing to built
> >1.5.
> "Changing to...1.5" is not a really precise description of your
> See: .  You might also consider describing
> exactly changed when you updated to "1.5".  "1.5.5" is just the version of
> cygwin DLL.  It's likely that you updated other things as well.
ups, it should precise enough... i think before :-)

well... we are using cygwin very long time for compiling soft, using in
dbox2. (
cygwin dll version before 1.5.0xx with all apps installing with cygwin-setup
was working well for compiling tuxbox for dbox2-projekt. But with updating
to 1.5.0-1 test release and never releases the problems told before makes
the hole cvs no more compilable under cygwin.

For the tuxbox-project we have to compile gcc, glibc and binutils in a
crosscopile environment. But this is not possible to make.
I hope that i can descripe our problems clearly with my very bad english ;-)

> >you get always different _IO_-errors by building several sources under
> >WindowsXP.
> >
> >Please look at the following lines for further details:
> >Homar/tuxbox-cvs/cdk/build_glibc/stdio-common/vfwscanf.o In file
> >included from vfwscanf.c:2: vfscanf.c: In function `_IO_vfwscanf':
> >vfscanf.c:2425: internal error: Segmentation fault
> >
> >I hope that you can fix these problems.
> You are expecting someone to download glibc sources to debug your problem
> for you?  That's not very realistic.

may you understand it in that wise, but this is a generally problem i think,
so please understand it as a response of your work.


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