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Windows 2003 Server & Cygwin Cron

Hello all,

I have been able to get Cygwin Cron up and operational on Windows XP Home
and Windows XP Pro.  I am having problems getting working on Windows 2003

I have installed it as described in many places and the Cron appears to be
running.  I tried the simple /usr/bin/date job, and I get the error in the
Event Log: "(CRON) error (can't switch user context)."  I have tried putting
the everyone group on the Local Security policies for "Create a token
object", "Logon as service", and "Replace a process level token".  The
problem still happens.

I looked through the archives and it appears that no solution has worked
yet.  Or at least it has not been published yet.  I asked the last person to
work on this problem, and they gave up.

Can we revisit this again?  Does anybody have ideas?

By the way, I see reference to a cron README file that should have been in
the install.  I cannot find it anywhere yet.  Did it get lost in the new
releases or is it hiding somewhere other than /usr/doc?

/Brian Cruikshank

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