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Re: cygwin > 1.5 compile-error glibc

On Mon, Nov 10, 2003 at 11:20:23PM +0100, Homar Simpson wrote:
>its not possible to compile glibc under cygwin, since changing to built

"Changing to...1.5" is not a really precise description of your environment.
See: .  You might also consider describing what
exactly changed when you updated to "1.5".  "1.5.5" is just the version of the
cygwin DLL.  It's likely that you updated other things as well.

>you get always different _IO_-errors by building several sources under
>Please look at the following lines for further details:
>Homar/tuxbox-cvs/cdk/build_glibc/stdio-common/vfwscanf.o In file
>included from vfwscanf.c:2: vfscanf.c: In function `_IO_vfwscanf':
>vfscanf.c:2425: internal error: Segmentation fault
>I hope that you can fix these problems.

You are expecting someone to download glibc sources to debug your problem
for you?  That's not very realistic.
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