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Re: cygpath hangings: A fix - bash patch enclosed -- bash maintainer please note!

I'm not sure if this is the same problem, but after searching and searching
this was the closest problem I've found (also other references to the setup
post-install scripts problem).

I am using the latest version of Cygwin (1.5.5-1) on a Windows XP box on a
domain (tried several fixes pertaining to changing the rights of the cygwin
dir and whole c drive - Everybody full control).

The problem is no command substitution works (using `'s or $()'s).

After a fresh reboot (and the new version of the bash listed below), I can
successfully run the (from below) or a different command
substitution - but only a couple of times, and then they quits responding.
Once one command shell quits responding no more command substitutions will
work from any window.

Even the simplest commands never return:
echo `date`
echo $(date)

I made sure USER and HOME were set correctly (no spaces, etc)

I also noted several references to this same problem (I think) from the
Cygwin setup halting at 99% with the execution of the post-install scripts.
In this case I can see that there will be several sh.exe that have hung (as
I understand it the sh has called the bash which is really the process that
hangs).  I have done fresh installs several times (trying the from a command
line, from bash, from the explorer, etc.)

I apologize if I have missed something simple, but after all the reading
I've done I still cannot find the key.

I had seen so many references to different information that was provided in
trying to track down this problem I didn't want to throw it all in at once,
but if I can provide any information to help track this down I'd like to


> I've put a patched version of bash up at:
> if anyone wants to try this.  It would be good to confirm or deny
> that this fixes the problem for everyone.
> Btw, maybe this has already been mentioned, but here is a simple
> test script that demonstrates the problem when run from the console:
> #!/bin/bash
> exec 0<&-
> A=$(cygpath -A -P)
> echo $A
> Save it as "hang" and run it as "bash hang" and it should hang nicely
> with an unpatched bash.

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