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Re: Building gcc on cygwin w/ Herman Ten Brugge's bounds checking patch

On Mon, Nov 10, 2003 at 12:28:38PM -0500, Joe Buehler wrote:
>Bill Priest wrote:
>>I've built gcc w/ the bounds checking patch on Linux and solaris and am
>>trying to build it on cygwin (w/ the cygwin modified source from
>>setup).  With tweak to one file I've been able to get it to bootstrap
>>w/o any errors and the resulting C compiler will work w/o specifying
>>"-fbounds-checking".  But I get a seg fault when specifying
>>"-fbounds-checking".  Has anyone been able to build gcc w/ this patch??
>>I'm sure the problem is parts of the patch that don't apply cleanly vs.
>>the cygwin patches.
>I had downloaded this but not tried it yet.  If you get it working it
>would be "interesting" to recompile Cygwin and all of its packages and
>see what happens.  We have most of the core dumps out of our local
>Cygwin setup but there are still some happening from time to time...

I don't know what this means.  Are you saying that you have local
modifications to fix segvs in cygwin?  If so, why aren't you sending
any changes back to cygwin-patches?

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