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Re: Pine 4.58 for Cygwin takes a very long time to close a certainIMAP INBOX

On Sun, 9 Nov 2003, Frédéric L. W. Meunier wrote:

:) I don't know what's wrong, but can't reproduce with the same versions
:) of PC-Pine and Pine for Linux.
:) I have 5 IMAP accounts. The main INBOX is
:) [deleted configuration of incoming folders]
:) When I switch from one of the PostAcessLite accounts to another, no
:) matter if they're empty, have a single message, or more, Pine stays at
:) the "Closing folder foo" for a very long time, like 30s to 1 minute,
:) and then opens the one I select.
:) Or let me know how to "debug" it. Pine's -d imap4 doesn't show anything
:) different.

Hello Frédéric,

  Could it be possible that you show me the output of pine -d 9?. If you
can show me the part where you switch mailboxes, it would be great. At the
top of my head, among things you may want to look into are the
rsh-timeout, and ssh-timeout. Make sure both of them are equal to 0.

  Let me know how that goes.


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