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RE: cygwin on, what?
CGF has a copy so i'd say cygwin will run on it. 

> -----Original Message-----
> From: George Carrette []
> Sent: 05 November 2003 15:23
> To:
> Subject: cygwin on, what?
> The question of cygwin, or something like it
> on, or whatever you want to call it,
> is not such a stupid question. It might be a stupid
> question on *this* mailing lists. So please forgive me
> for an off-topic discussion, if I also congratulate the
> people working on CYGWIN for the high quality of
> effort and compelling value of the result. I first used Cygwin,
> if I can remember correctly that far back, during
> the days of Windows NT BETA, 1992? 1993? and it has
> been a great help ever since. Always worth the effort.
> But speaking of .NET, 
> there is work already on a GCC back end to
> microsoft's Common Language Runtime (CLR).
> There has been some open research on such issues,
> in for example, 
> Of course, it may be several years before the .NET
> platform is actually important, and it may never be
> as important as other platforms such
> as Native Windows, and Native Linux, for reasons of
> efficiency and value to the customer, and just
> general inertia.
> Java is now coming up on 10 years of general availability,
> and what you can practically implement in Java is
> still not up to what you can do in Cygwin or Linux or Windows.
> Ultimately, I think you can never win by forcing
> wholesale re-implementation and re-invention on the world,
> and what wins in the end are efforts like Cygwin, Linux,
> and perhaps .NET that seek to bring previous work
> forward and to reuse and strengthen rather than
> throw away and recapitulate. 
> Hal Ableson said it best, when he was quoted in a book published 20
> years ago by MIT PRESS, "Structure and Interpretation
> of Computer Programs" adding on to Newton's
> famous line:
> - If I have seen farther than others it is because I have
> been standing on the shoulders of Giants.
> - In Computer Science we stand on each others feet.
> - If I haven't seen as far as others it has been because
> Giants have been standing on me.
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