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install problem

	i downloaded the entire release/ directory
	and i got a strange problem when installing (installing
everything) setup.exe crash (before even begin to install anything), so !
i try to install everything without XFree86 section, and it works, and
then i manage to install step by step almost all ... packages like: XFree86-man,
XFree86-nest, XFree86--prog i had to install one at the time, and other
like grace i couldn't install at all (i md5sum checked everything, and
is not that the problem) ... so ! question, did anyone had the same
problem ? or is just my computer ?

	another question is that is someting else except that dumb
setup.exe ? (excuse me but this is true ... it cannot resize it's own
window, cannot use keys to colapse, expand, select unselect, etc.,
cannot use wheelmouse, it crashes ... at an old version i couldn't x
fonts, AT ALL ... and that when i get to 70% of installation, and the
program freeze, etc. etc.) i'm really interested in something how
manually is possible ;)

	PS excuse my (poor) english :)

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