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RE: Take 2: Testers for new ssh-*-config scripts wanted!

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> Sent: Monday, November 03, 2003 3:41 PM
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> Subject: Re: Take 2: Testers for new ssh-*-config scripts wanted!
> However, I have still a problem.  Does anybody know how I can set
> "Password never expires" from the command line?  I know how to do this
> with dsadd, but that only works on domain machines so it's no generic
> solution.  If I can't do this in the script, everybody would have to
> set this in the Computer Management Console by hand :-(
> Thanks,
> Corinna
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User Accounts have a USER_FLAGS attribute that can be any combination of
a couple of values.  One of these can be UF_DONT_EXPIRE_PASSWORD.  If it
is present, the password never expires.

I typically manipulate it using Dave Roth's Win32::AdminMisc perl module
(UserGetMiscAttributes and UserSetMiscAttributes)... which is likely
beyond the scope of what you want this script to do.

The CREATEUSERS.VBS script from the Windows 2000 Resource Kit
(Supplement 1) looks promising.  I haven't used it, but the code seems
capable of specifying the UF_DONT_EXPIRE_PASSWORD option.
I would attach the .vbs file (as a .txt file), but it is copyrighted by
Microsoft.  If anyone knows if emailing it would be "bad" or not, let me


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