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Re: OpenGL and Cygwin

> >My g++ command line is
> >
> >g++ -mno-cygwin .... -lglut32 -lglu32 -lopengl32
> >
> >and a cygcheck on my exe file indicated that the glut file being linked
> >is my local copy that I got from nvidia,
> Can you tell us why you are using GLUT from NVDIA instead of GLUT from 
> Cygwin's OpenGL package?

The reason I was using Nvidia's glut is because they have a more recent 
version of it (glut 3.7 I believe) than the stated version that cygwin 
provides. I recognize that this may cause weird unsupported problems, so I 
tried both versions, and get the same behaviour (success/failure) 
whichever one I use.

As for using extgl to do dynamic loading, that works fine: I now can 
successfully compile my code. It still doesn't run :), but given the 
complexity of the program I am running, I am not sure where exactly the 
problem is or if it is a cygwin error. The error itself comes from cygwin: 
the error message states:

61 [unknown (0x48)] ? 3804 cygheap_fixup_in_child: Couldn't reserve space
for cygwin's heap (0x61600000 <0x0>) in child, Win32 error 487

and follows by giving some state info about the stack etc. 
As I said, I don't quite know if this is my problem or cygwin's. All I 
have to go on is that the same code works under linux and g++. I will play 
around with some simpler versions of the code: if this error message comes 
from some familiar mistake that I'm making, I'd be grateful to hear it. 

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