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RE: Stability Problem with Cygwin Pthreads

Hi Arash,

I've built the cygwin1.dll with debugging info off, and I have
been able to replicate your problem. It seems to be comeing from
inside the string allocator in stl but a more deeper anlysis
shows the problem to be coming from the i386 memcpy, i don't
think the memcpy has been written properly.

Other than that i don't think there is much else anyone other
than the cygwin developers can do to correct this problem.

Other dlls i tested and saw the crash are:

the cygwin1.dll snapshot from the 28th,27th,25th,
the cygwin1.dll from latest release (as of last night)

btw i've noticed a new snapshot just now made on nov 2nd, haven't tried that out yet, but it seems there have been some changes made to pthreads.


Can anyone tell me why such a thing would happen and what are the
fundamental difference between debug mode of cygwin dll and release
versions other than the obvious debug info and extra asserts that go
into the dll ?

Also if possible could people download the ThreadTest source code
and also download the latest cygwin dll snapshot and tell me if
they see the test application crash or not, then if you know how
to build cygwin also download the cygwin source and rebuild the dll
with debug info and then see if it crashes, also rebuild it without
debug info and see if it crashes or not.

If a few people could try this out and give me their results, it
would help understand what is going wrong with these 3 different
builds. I hoping to resolve this issue with the help of the cygwin
community before the next major release.


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