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Re: Multiple Cygwins/ Distributing Cygwin apps

John Moore wrote:

> For me, the inability to install two cygwins that are independent has
> already cost me a bunch of time. When I grumbled to a friend, his answer
> was "buy another machine for that application."

I have not tried this per se, but I don't see what's stopping you from
having as many Cygwins installed as you want.  Now, I'm not saying that
you could USE more than one at a time, due to the fact that only a
single Cygwin1.dll can be active at any given time -- and I wouldn't
expect this to change before the heat death of the universe.  But the
only thing that Cygwin touches outside of its install path is the mount
table in the registry, and this is easily removed/replaced with mount
and umount.

So, if I were doing this, I would install Cygwin #1 to \cygwin, then
"mount -m > mounts.txt ; umount -A", then install Cygwin #2 to \cygwin-b
or whatever, and so on.  To switch between them just unmount everything
and remount the other one.

Additionally, these vendors must have shipped you source to everything
compiled against Cygwin1.dll, or else they are in violation of the GPL. 
So, you should be able to recompile everything against the latest DLL,
and just use a single installation.  The exception is if they purchased
the Cygwin buy-out license from Redhat.


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