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Re: cygwin deadlocks due to broken select() when writing to pipes

CYGWIN=tty is on in the system env vars, shall I switch it off, is this bad?
I switched it on before I had this problem mind you, but maybe something in
the post-Sept-19th version mixes badly with CYGWIN=tty?

Yes, I understand the "root of the problem" problem (sic.), ie. the
programming law that there will always be a lot more causes than there are
distinct effects. ;-)

Anyway, I have this daily recurring problem, which seems to me to be
duplicatible, yet no-one has tried to duplicate it yet?  This is why I
repeat the description of my problem wherever I can; in the daft hope
someone will set up something similar and see if they get the same thing.
I'm not doing anything complicated, just 2 or 3 rsync's (of half a gig or
so) in a cronjob every two hours to a linux server.


Q-Games, Dylan Cuthbert.

"Christopher Faylor" <> wrote in
> On Mon, Nov 03, 2003 at 12:29:53AM +0900, Dylan Cuthbert wrote:
> >Actually I think I did mention I was running rsync hourly in a cron job,
> >that's all I've been mentioning as far as I know.
> Which has nothing to do with selecting on pipes unless (and even this is
> pretty remote) you have turned on CYGWIN=tty for your cron for some
> reason.
> The point that I am vainly trying to make is that if one person reports
> a symptom like "hanging" and another person reports a symptom like
> "hanging" in a completely different scenario while offering a rationale
> for the behavior, it does not automatically mean that person B has found
> the root cause for person A's problem unless person A and person B's
> situations are the same.  There is nothing in your (repeated) description
> of your problem to indicate that is the case.

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