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RE: Stability Problem with Cygwin Pthreads


I tested your program and found out that the crashes were in compiler generated code (especially in STL code). Upgrading to the latest version of everything (GCC in particular) solved everything for me without using any Cygwin snapshots.

I've found that it crashes too, I've tried compiling the test app
with a cygwin1.dll whicyh i had built in debug mode, and it works fine,
i built again but this time with debug off, and it crashes, I've tried
running the app with the latest release cygwin1.dll, it crashes and i've
tried the snapshot dlls from 25th, 27th, 28th. They all seem to crash.

Now from what i can see and as Arash Partow has pointed out the problem
seems to be in the memcpy routine, addr2line of the address given when it
crashes on my win2k box points to the memcpy.s in i386. My assembler isn't
good but it seems the code tried to access unallocated mem, with within a
context switch. its just a theory....


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