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Re: Performance measurement data: find

What program? find.exe is from the cygwin distribution.
the Windows find is from pressiing Windows key+f (or control-f in explorer)

the /filemon.exe/ program is standard filemon util from SYSINTERNALS.COM website which
includes utils (FREE):

procexp: display same fields as task manager and
- see DLL's used and where loaded in memory for each program running
- See all open handles and what they point to
- See each thread, it's cpu time and what module it is executing in and it's call stack
- see all cpu time accounted for (numbers add to 100% within small tolerance due to
disparity of time of getting info during update
- uses no cpu when minimized
- can save process summary list and fields to file & alot more
contig: make any/all files contiguous (can be run as background batch job every few
hours on entire disk to keep disk defragmented)
pagedfg: defragment system files on boot
regmon: monitor registry accesses (with filtering)
filemon: does the same for file accesses
tcpview: shows all tcp connections listening or connected - optional force handle closed
tdimon: monitor transport layer system calls
dbgview: view system debug calls
pstools: command line "ps utils" inspired from unix utils
autoruns: Show auto-start programs including new ones that msconfig doesn't show
winobj: display windoes OS-internal object space.


They are all from the author of the book "Inside Windows 2000". He really knows his
stuff and his tools should be part of every engineers toolbox.

What "Datafiles" where you referring to? The data at the end of my last post
was the raw data output.


Alex Vinokur wrote:

"Linda W." <> wrote in message">

Performance comparison , # system calls in "Explorer find" vs. "gnu

find" under
cygwin. Search for "foobar.txt" in directory /tmp (under cygwin), C:\tmp
(under explorer).

               # system calls
Explorer: 15
Cyg-gnu:  211

file monitor filter set to only record strings that access /tmp.

Actual call data at end of this message.


Could you post your program and data file?


  Alex Vinokur

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