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Re: gcc and iostream - resolved

On Fri, 31 Oct 2003 wrote:

> I got it resolved by doing the following:
> 1.  Used dos style names because (I don't think this was needed, but clearcase
> paths...were not setup under the cygwin environment, so I just used the windows cmd.
Never feed DOS style paths to Cygwin's gcc/g++.

> 2.  Only included SysHdrPath +=C:/cygwin/usr/include/mingw as the
> system path
Don't do that either.

> 3.  DID NOT USE -nostdinc++ in both compile/link
> 4.  used -mno-cygwin in both compile/link
> 5.  DID NOT USE -nodefaultlibs in link
All good.

> 6.  still linked with  -lwsock32 -lstdc++ -lgcc, but I think only lwsock32 is
> needed.  But this is good enough for now.
Yes, only -lwsock32 is needed.

> In short, I think I ended up messing myself over.
Yes!  You're making this *way* too hard.  Just use -mno-cygwin and comple

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