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Re: cygwin deadlocks due to lack of money

On Fri, Oct 31, 2003 at 06:13:17PM -0000, wrote:
>Okay, I spent some time looking at the mailing list archives but found
>nothing which added anything to this discussion.  I would have hoped
>that my intended offer of use of an Athlon 64 system would have counted
>as more than just 'idle curiosity' and, anyway, I'm never 'idle'.

I interpreted your response as nonserious since you seemed to be
humorously suggesting that we'd be working on a version of cygwin for
linux, which is obviously nonsensical.  I thought it was self evident
that I was talking about getting cygwin working on a 64 bit version of
windows and didn't seriously think that you were suggesting that we were
thinking about getting cygwin working on some other system.  I guess
I was wrong.

>BTW My plan was to either test for you (under direction) or make the
>machine available to you via some sort of terminal server and my ADSL
>connection.  I didn't fancy having it transported.  I did actually want
>to contribute something to the cygwin project, as I've found it so
>valuable over the past couple of years.  Shame you weren't interested.

Actually, while I appreciate that you wanted to contribute something,
I'm not interested in either scenario.  The effort of working on cygwin
remotely either by having someone else do testing (especially when the
someone doesn't really know cygwin internals) or by logging in over
the internet was not what I was looking for.  Having a system sitting
in my office that I could hack on when the mood hit me was more of what
I was looking for.

I wasn't seriously suggesting that anyone was going to send me a 64-bit
system, either.

Here's the kind of google search term I would have used to find

64-bit windows cygwin cgf

This was my first tray and it unearths some discussion as the first hit.
I'm sure that there are search refinements possible but, to answer your
aggrieved question, all of the discussions basically revolve around
someone reporting that cygwin doesn't work right in some beta or release
candidate version of windows for 64 bit platforms and my suggesting that
the problem won't be solved until I (or Corinna or Pierre) have a 64 bit
system to hack on.

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