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Re: ACLs are not handled correctly

* Dierk Schmedes (2003-10-31 10:15 +0100)
> Problem: nearly each tool that the create or modify a file/directory (e.g. cp,
> touch, setfacl) ignore the ALCs of the current directory or add further 
> users/groups to it.

> Example
> /home/dierk has the following ACLs (listed with xcalcs.exe from the MS
> resource
> kit; same with Explorer)

> xcalcs F:/cygwin/home/dierk
> f:\cygwin\home\dierk <domainname>\dierk:F
>                      NT AUTHORITY\SYSTEM:(OI)(CI)(IO)R

> Now I create a new file (e.g. touch /home/dierk/newfile). Everyone expect that
> the file has the same rights as my home folder /home/dierk, [...]

Why? Cygwin doesn't support ACLs and inheritance - including Windows
ACLs. And "cp" or "touch" don't either - "umask" is the thing they

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