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Re: cygwin deadlocks due to broken select() when writing to pipes

On Fri, Oct 31, 2003 at 12:59:17AM -0500, Brian Kelly wrote:
>Nevertheless, a few persistent reminders over a long period can have
>the same effect as a very large number of complaints in close
>There was once a great story in the Reader's Digest I think of some
>prisoner somewhere who decided that it'd be nice to have a new library
>in the prison.  So he started writing lawmakers and telling them that
>he wanted a new library for the prison.  Every day he mailed a couple
>of dozen hand written letters.  For three of four years they were
>ignored.  Then eventually he started getting VERY nasty responses
>telling him to bug off.  Some even called the warden to get him to
>stop, but civil libertarians soon took interest in this and threatened
>to sue on his behalf if his mail was censured.  Finally everyone was
>eventually worn down and around year ten, the legislature voted to fund
>the construction of his library - allocating close to TWO MILLION
>DOLLARS for the effort.

You can buy books.  You can donate money.  You can't cause a problem to
be solved just by incessantly complaining about it.

If this technique was uniformly useful then we'd have peace in the
Middle East and my son would have a telephone in his room.


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