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Re: cygwin deadlocks due to broken select() when writing to pipes

On Thu, Oct 30, 2003 at 11:14:36PM -0500, Brian Kelly wrote:
>Thank you Bob Byrnes for this info and analysis.  Perhaps it will
>result in a solution to a long simmering problem.  I use cygwin VERY
>aggressively.  A cron job launches a 20,000 line perl script (not
>including CPAN modules by other authors) that does complex network
>automation tasks via multiple chained telnets and ftps.  (Eventually to
>use ssh).  Cron launches this script every five minutes and multiple
>instances share resources managed by semaphores.  cgf wasn't even
>remotely in the mood for endorsing cygwin for this kind of 'abuse' (not
>his exact words).  Nevertheless, for "the most part" it works
>extraordinarily well.

So, predictably, we will now be seeing everyone who has ever seen a hang
anywhere near cygwin chiming in with a "THIS MUST BE IT!"

I am always interested in fixing bugs in cygwin but bugs like of "I run
it for a real long time and something bad happens.  I'm not a programmer
and have no idea how to provide any useful feedback" are onex I steer
clear of.

Perhaps this mean response will serve as a deterrent for anyone (except
possibly one of my "groupies" who occasional pop up to comment on my
character flaws and then disappear) from responding unless there is real
useful data to provide?

>I am not a c/c++ programmer.  My expertise is in Perl - and there it
>shall remain.

If that is the case, then why are you presuming that the described
problem has anything to do with you?  You have admitted that you
couldn't possibly know if the programs that you are using are performing
a select on a pipe since you don't know c or c++.


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