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Mount Confusion -- the tallest pique in the world? ;-)

Either Cygwin or I be confused. (I'm betting on "I". ;-))

I have deleted '/tmp' ('d:/Cygwin/tmp' -- using Explorer)
and issued: 'umount /tmp' and 'mount 'e:\tmp /tmp' repeatedly.

All the other mounts to '/' appear in an 'ls' of '/',
but '/tmp' ('e:/tmp'), does not.

While the apps seem to find 'e:/tmp', should I be worried?

Prior to my doing any of the above (w/ Cygwin root at
'c:/_Programs/Cygwin'), I've had recurring instances
of something (apps?, 'setup.exe?, what?) creating 'tmp'
and more frequently 'var' on both my 'c:' and 'e:' drives.
This problem seems to have subsided since I moved the
Cygwin root directory from 'c:/_Programs/Cygwin'
to D:/Cygwin'.

Also, after I moved Cygwin, despite changing all the
references in the profile and Windows environment variables,
*and* reinstalling the whole of Cygwin, "Cygwin" "insisted"
on looking at the C/_Programs... : root rather than the
D:/Cygwin... directory

Anybody know what's causing this?

Note that at the end of the attached 'cycheck -shv', there is
the following error message:

cygcheck: dump_sysinfo: GetVolumeInformation() failed: 1

which seems to be coincidental when it checks the 'a:/' floppy drive.



Lee D. Rothstein --
VeriTech -- 603-424-2900
7 Merry Meeting Drive
Merrimack, NH 03054-2934

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