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Testers for new ssh-*-config scripts wanted!


is anybody here willing to give my new ssh-host-config and ssh-user-config
shell scripts a thorough test?  I tested them by myself but I have this
nagging feeling I missed something important.

The important changes:

- On NT, try to set permissions on files and directories to a useful value.
- On NT, try to set ownership on files and directories to a useful value.

Only in ssh-host-config:

- Write the /etc/services entries for ssh now with CRLF lineendings.
- Remove the code to accomplish old style installations, with "old
  being older than roughly 3 years.
- /etc/ssh_config and /etc/sshd_config are not hardcoded here-scripts
  in the ssh-host-config script anymore, but they are copied and
  modified from ssh_config and sshd_config files in /etc/defaults/etc.
  This allows to accomodate changes in the vanilla scripts without
  having to change the shh-host-config script.
- On NT, always set ownership of various files to SYSTEM, if sshd
  has been installed as service.

Both scripts are attached.  When testing the new "copy config files
from /etc/defaults/etc" functionality, please think of copying the
ssh_config and sshd_config files (if possible the vanilla versions)
to /etc/defaults/etc first.

Feedback and patches welcome and thanks in advance,

Corinna Vinschen                  Please, send mails regarding Cygwin to
Cygwin Developer                      
Red Hat, Inc.

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