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Re: Does Cygwin have a 2GB Memory/RAM limit ?

Have not had a chance yet.  But I think you are right.

I've referred you suggestion to our Windows Server team.

I also came across this which seems to confirm what you are saying and 
expand on it a bit.

I will re-test cygwin after enabling the larger memory support.

Thanks Gerrit.

"Gerrit P. Haase" <>
10/30/2003 07:39 AM
Please respond to "Gerrit P. Haase"


        Subject:        Re: Does Cygwin have a 2GB Memory/RAM limit ?

Dan wrote:

> In looking at the boot.ini snip, it looks like it is related to the size 
> disk partitions being greater than 2GB.

> I'm referring to a limit on the RAM/Memory that cygwin appears to 

I'm referring to the correct settings how to increase the default RAM
usage setting for applications running under Windows.

> My server has 8GB of RAM, but cygwin sees only 2GB of it according to
> vmstat and top commands running in the cygwin bash shell.

Have you actually tried what I told you?


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