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Re: Export/Import cygwin installation config?

Christopher Faylor wrote:

So, why don't you do this? Why are you trying to impose your

requirements on the project in general rather than coming up with a

solution that works for you specifically?

True. My apologies.

In light of your comments, I see that I have confused the installation process with finished product, the latter which is (relatively) location insensitive.

I read the user manual again more closely and found the answer in chapter 2, section *Download Source*: "The Download from Internet option is mainly for creating a base Cygwin package tree on one computer for installation on several machines with Install from Local Directory;"...

Might adding an item to "How do I install cygwin on several machines?" highlighting both the above and below comments prove helpful?

The only tricky part that people invariably (and to me, inexplicably)
stumble over, is making sure the mount table is properly duplicated.
However, the "mount" program should get you over the hurdle nicely.

This makes sense. Thanks for the tip.


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