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RE: Pb with INT64_MAX in /usr/include/stdint.h (+patch)

> I've checked a fix into CVS.
> Thanks for pinpointing the exact place that needs to be changed.

  Excuse me if my command of english does not allow me to
understand exactly what you mean. I can't decide if your
'thanks' is in advance for something I should do, or for the
discription I gave earlier.

  Anyway, in my opinion, in file /usr/include/stdint.h
(probably shipped with the gcc package), there are probably
eight lines that should include the LL suffix after integer
literals :

line 74:
#define INT64_MIN (-9223372036854775808)

line 79:
#define INT64_MAX (9223372036854775807)

line 91:
#define INT_LEAST64_MIN (-9223372036854775808)

line 96:
#define INT_LEAST64_MAX (9223372036854775807)

line 108:
#define INT_FAST64_MIN (-9223372036854775808)

line 113:
#define INT_FAST64_MAX (9223372036854775807)

lines 128 and 129:
#define INTMAX_MIN (-9223372036854775808)
#define INTMAX_MAX (9223372036854775807)

Laurent Vaucher.

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