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Re: pthread problem with latest cygwin dll snapshot

Arash Partow wrote:
Greetings to Thomas and all others involved in cygwin pthreads

I've downloaded the snapshots of cygwin1.dll (cygwin1-20031025.dll.bz2 and
cygwin1-20031027.dll.bz2), I think the prior is the one where Thomas made
changes and in the latter Corinna made changes to semaphores which I don't
how that might effect pthreads. In both cases the stress test can run
successfully under certain circumstances (which for normal application
execution are not acceptable) in-one instance reaching 9million+ thread
creations, however if one tries to do other things like edit a text file or
play an mp3 or some other task, the Thread-Test will crash. In GDB the call
stack shows the last call before the crash was to the cygwin1.dll, also
sometimes if you try to restart the Thread-Test right after it has crashed,
the new instance crashes almost immediately only ever getting up to about
~5000 thread creations.

Hi Arash,

this time i am not able to reproduce your problem.

Before i continue debugging i suggest that you check the return codes of some pthread API functions first and call the pthread_functions only with a valid thread id.

For example change

void Thread::start()


void Thread::start()
  int res;
  res = pthread_create(&threadID,NULL,&(Thread::threadFunction),this);
  if (res)

Please contact me if this still doesn't help.


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