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Re: GNUPLOT compilation limitation (?) wrote:

So, I tryed to compile gnuplot (3.7.3) and it worked well.
The only problem is that with this version, I don't have any
x11 terminal so that gnuplot is not easy to use!

I just do (i) start XWin -multiwindow [if OS is 98 -- omit "start" if OS is
XP]; then (ii) run rxvt -display localhost:0.0 -e bash; and then (iii) I
find that I can use gnuplot (3.7.3, like you) with no difficulty at all.
Without XWin, I wouldn't expect it to work. (I am not clear from what you
are saying whether you do.) Fergus

in fact I wasn't able to compile gnuplot in a way to get the x11 terminal so that I'm not able to see graphs I'm plotting!
The reason was may be that I did not have X11 libraries and developpement headers installed.

Thus I installed XFree86-prog/XFree86-prog-4.3.0-8 <> which should contain that but it does not have changed anything when compiling gnuplot 3.8j after installing XFree86-prog/XFree86-prog-4.3.0-8 <>.

I think XFree 4.3.0 does not work here because when I unistalled XFree 4.2, I cannot start XFree!
Could be the reason why it's not working?

By the way I don't have the commande ldconfig which may be needed for the system to be informed of newly installed librairies?

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