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Re: Spurious LISTENING ports open during network connections (was Re: Weird Naim.exe network usage?)

Alright then thank you for the new data. I'm not trying to offend you but I just get worried when things are listening on my network you know? I will look into this issue when I have the proper amount of time to address it. Thank you. I was very disappointed with the lack of discussion from the cygwin group so I left it.

> From: Daniel Reed <>
> Date: 2003/10/27 Mon PM 12:04:48 CST
> To:
> CC:
> Subject: Spurious LISTENING ports open during network connections (was Re:
>  Weird Naim.exe network usage?)
> On 2003-10-24T15:22-0500, wrote:
> ) that for some reason naim.exe was listening on tcp sockets, and not only
> ) that but it changes quite frequently while naim.exe is running. So let me
> ) just state this again, it is listening on TCP sockets. They are also real
> ) because I have confirmed by telneting to them. Nothing is printed or
> ) anything, it just sits there. Has anyone experienced naim.exe listening on
> ) TCP sockets? I have no modules loaded I confirmed with /modlist.
> I was out of town when you first asked about this, and was initially unable
> to reproduce it. However, it does appear that your assessment was correct,
> but it does not appear that this is naim-specific.
> When I start up naim, netstat -a -n -o | grep winpid does not show anything
> (either listening or established). When I /connect, the same netstat now
> shows a connection ESTABLISHED with AOL's servers, and two LISTENING sockets
> on seemingly random ports (one binded to, the other allowing
> connections from anywhere).
> However, Cygwin's telnet utility appears to behave identically on my system.
> If I start telnet and run netstat -a -n -o | grep winpid, it does not show
> anything. If I enter "open 80" then immediately I see something
> like:
>   TCP               LISTENING       2780
>   TCP              LISTENING       2780
>   TCP       ESTABLISHED     2780
> These LISTENING sockets stay open for the duration of the connection, but
> the port changes after every packet I send out (i.e. it will
> change from 4718 to a higher number after every command I type).
> I am not familiar enough with how the networking code operates, so I am not
> sure what the impact of this might be. It looks like this may be a known
> issue, referenced at, so I
> do not believe it is a major problem. However, I will defer if another
> Cygwin maintainer has any words of wisdom.
> -- 
> Daniel Reed <>
> "Murphy's Law is recursive. Washing your car to make it rain doesn't
> work."

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