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Re: Export/Import cygwin installation config?

On Mon, Oct 27, 2003 at 08:13:28PM -0500, Christian Gunning wrote:
>I took a short walk through the documentation and found no mention of a
>way to "freeze" or export [or import] installation package selection
>I have installed cygwin on several machines in approximately identical
>configurations; time, attention, and critical thinking was required
>each time, even though the results were more or less identical.  Most
>recently, upon finishing package selection and download initiation
>there was a system interruption; I reloaded setup.exe to discover that
>it had *not* saved state.  While I understand that the cygwin package
>pool is constantly changing, making selection state a complicated
>issue, I suspect many would benefit greatly even from imperfect
>improvements here.  For example, as a sysadmin, I look forward to
>including a static, custom-configured cygwin on my toolbox cd for
>quick, no-mess installations in the field.

So, why don't you do this?  Why are you trying to impose your
requirements on the project in general rather than coming up with a
solution that works for you specifically?

Make a snapshot of what you need (on a CD or wherever) and take it to
any machine that needs it.  As a sysadmin, it should be trivial for
you to do this.

The only tricky part that people invariably (and to me, inexplicably)
stumble over, is making sure the mount table is properly duplicated.
However, the "mount" program should get you over the hurdle nicely.

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