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Export/Import cygwin installation config?

  I took a short walk through the documentation and found no
mention of a way to "freeze" or export [or import]
installation package selection state. 

  I have installed cygwin on several machines in approximately
identical configurations; time, attention, and critical
thinking was required each time, even though the results were
more or less identical.  Most recently, upon finishing package
selection and download initiation there was a system
interruption; I reloaded setup.exe to discover that it had
*not* saved state.
  While I understand that the cygwin package pool is
constantly changing, making selection state a complicated
issue, I suspect many would benefit greatly even from
imperfect improvements here. For example, as a sysadmin, I
look forward to including a static, custom-configured cygwin
on my toolbox cd for quick, no-mess installations in the field.

This said, I am very greatful for the many wonderful ways in
which the cygwin tools extend my computational capabilities.
Thank you so much for your time.  

Christian Gunning
University of Georgia

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