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Re: Problem with a cygwin App - Broken on a pristine system untilI install cygwin, cygwin1.dll doesn't seem to be enough

Christopher Faylor wrote:
PLEASE don't instruct people to play around with the registry.
We have a perfectly good tool for them to use -- mount.  It is designed
to manipulate cygwin's mount table.  The fact that it is in the registry
is incidental.  You can do everything you need with the mount command,
ignoring the registry completely.

I take your point - and indeed I almost posted a suggestion to use mount alone. But the original poster sounded as though he knew what he was doing, and in this *particular* case, where the key to his problem was to find what in the environment had been changed by the Cygwin install, a quick dive into the registry looks to be the best test. It's what I would have done - and bear in mind also that it may not be mount points - doesn't Cygwin1.dll also look at the registry for application-specific CYGWIN settings?

In mitigation, I did say *temporarily* rename.  I guess I
should also have said:

  Children, don't do this at home unless you know *exactly*
  what you are doing.

CGF is absolutely right to point out that to manipulate
mount points the mount command is the right way to go.
and Hannu has posted an example.  Also, it's not
unlikely (I understand, and hope) that the mount point
info will one day be moved out of the registry.

But I still stand by my original suggestion, for experts only,
to determine if it is a registry setting added or changed
by the installation of Cygwin which was causing the problem.

-- Cliff

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