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Re: Problem with a cygwin App - Broken on a pristine system until I install cygwin, cygwin1.dll doesn't seem to be enough

On Sat, Oct 25, 2003 at 11:07:31AM +0100, Cliff Hones wrote:
>Benjamin Cutler wrote:
>>Hrm, next time I get a chance to sit down in the CS lab and hammer away
>>at it for a while (I currently only have a Linux box available to me
>>without making a trip across campus) I'll try strace.  As the previous
>>poster suggested, I had already tried cygcheck, and all it spat back at
>>me was SDL.dll, cygwin1.dll, and a bunch of standard Windows DLLs.
>>Perhaps there's a compiler switch that I missed?
>Have you considered the registry?  Installing Cygwin updates the
>registry - it's where the mount points are recorded.  If your app is
>using a POSIX-style path anywhere (eg /tmp/...) this would not be
>found, and if your app is dependent on the text/binary mount switches
>it would behave differently.
>A quick check would be to temporarily rename your Cygnus Solutions
>registry keys (in HKLM/Software and HKCU/Software), or else use mount
>to experiment.

PLEASE don't instruct people to play around with the registry.
We have a perfectly good tool for them to use -- mount.  It is designed
to manipulate cygwin's mount table.  The fact that it is in the registry
is incidental.  You can do everything you need with the mount command,
ignoring the registry completely.


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