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misc basic installation problems with cygwin

Hi - I've seen this twice now, and I can't find a hint in the FAQ, and searching the newsgroups available to me didn't turn up something that seemed related, so I hope this list is appropriate for asking such questions ... if not, I would appreciate a pointer to "the right thing to do".

On WinXP Pro, the installation leaves all file permissions to "---------+".  Is that the way it should be - probably not ??  Anyway, nothing worked.

After I opened file permissions a little and re-ran the postinstall scripts, some things started working.

However, there are still many problems.

Like, the terminal type 'cygwin' is unknown.

Or, the 'man' command fails with:

groff: can't find `DESC' file

groff:fatal error: invalid device `ascii'

Is there some documentation that I've just not stumbled across that would tell me what I forgot, or did incorrectly ?


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