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Re: Problem with a cygwin App - Broken on a pristine system until I install cygwin, cygwin1.dll doesn't seem to be enough

On Fri, Oct 24, 2003 at 04:07:25PM -0700, Benjamin Cutler wrote:
>I have a program that I originally wrote on Linux, and compiled with
>cygwin to make a Windows binary.  The problem is that the Windows
>binary won't work properly on a system that doesn't have cygwin
>installed on it.  It seems to not be using fread and fwrite correctly,
>or it's having some weird problem with pointers that I can't figure
>out.  The problem is that as SOON as I install Cygwin onto a system,
>the executable works perfectly, even though I don't change anything
>directly related to the program itself.
>The program is using SDL, if that makes any difference, and cygwin1.dll
>is the latest version in all my test cases.  So far on every machine
>I've tried it on this has been the case, where it won't work properly
>until I've installed cygwin.  What might cygwin be installing that
>suddenly lets the program work right that I need to be distributing
>with my program besides cygwin1.dll?

If you are distributing cygwin outside your organization, the other
thing you need to include is the source code for your application and
for the Cygwin DLL, as per the GPL.

Assuming that you know this, you are right in assuming that just
copying the cygwin DLL should be enough.  You could try just
copying the 'strace' program to the system in question and running
the program with that to see if you can gather a clue into what
is going on.

Otherwise the tried and true printf debugging technique is probably
your best bet.
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