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Re: cygcheck as body or attachment (was RE: rsync hang .... )

> I've used Cygwin for several years now, and have read this mailing list
> for quite some time. When I encountered the rsync problem, I searched
> mailing lists as well as Google to find the solution, couldn't find a
> definitive answer, and eventually found one myself that worked, so I
> thought I'd post it (as many other people had reported similar problems
> in the archives) in order to help.
> I almost didn't email the list with this solution because I couldn't
> remember whether or not to include the output of cygcheck as an
> attachment or as part of the body. I looked on the mailing list webpage
> on, and couldn't see any info, so I decided to put it in the
> body. I should have looked further, but I figured it wouldn't be a big
> deal. Of course, I chose the wrong way, and got flamed.

I think the people I work with would think of me as a "nice guy". I hope
this comment doesn't get me blocked from the cygwin list ;-) Normally I
ignore such things, but I felt compelled because I have seen many other
messages with the following content...

"PLEASE include the generated files 'cygcheck.txt' *as an attachment*,
and NOT in the body of the mail message."

If you don't believe me visit and type "as an
attachment" in the search box. I got 2862 hits.

This makes me believe you've been subscribed to the mailing list for quite
some time, but may not have actually read many messages. I can understand
this. It's an active list. So I thought I would help by pointing this out.

On the other hand, now I understand the WJM philosophy, because in this case
it worked...

> I now know the right way.

You may ask yourself why I bothered replying to this post. We'll you made
another minor mistake by adding my address to email distribution list. I
obviously read the mailing list and this simply resulted in me getting two
copies of the same messages. I hope pointing this out doesn't seem too mean.
Imagine if you would have done this to cfg!

> Anyway, I hope that my simple patch can help someone else in the future,
> and if the additional body of my message bothered anyone, I apologize.

I hope you helped someone too. I'm sure you did. Just ignore the mean people
on the list, but use their advice to avoid further meanness.


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