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Re: Wildcard problem with recursion

Corinna Vinschen wrote:

On Thu, Oct 23, 2003 at 03:05:53PM +0530, Ajith Kumar wrote:

Cygwin utilities like grep or ls with -R options doesn't seem to be working.
egs when I say

grep -r FLD_DCT_STRING *.h??

I get
grep: *.hpp: No such file or directory

However there are many .h, .hxx and .hpp files in the subdirectories

ls also gives the same err.

Any solutons?

Yes, read the shell man pages to learn how file completion works.
What you want is a job for `find | xargs grep'.

Thanks for the xargs tip Corinna - thats a new one on me.

an alternative (talking to original poster here) is:

grep FLD_DCT_STRING `find . -name '*.h??'`

Or you can search *directories* recursively with grep, but this doesn't allow you to filter the file type. e.g.:

grep -r FLD_DCT_STRING .

where '.' is the current directory - this will search all files in subdirectories too. See 'info grep'.

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address: rm 3053, Mountbatten Building (53)
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