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cygcheck as body or attachment (was RE: rsync hang .... )

> > I'm just a user and follower of cygwin, but it amazes me how 
> > many people put
> > the output of
> > 
> > > cygcheck -s output:
> > 
> > or cygcheck -svr in the body of their email instead of as an 
> > attachment when
> > every stinking email has
> > 
> at the bottom of it and that page has
> "Run cygcheck -s -v -r > cygcheck.out and include that as an
attachment in
> your report."

I've used Cygwin for several years now, and have read this mailing list
for quite some time. When I encountered the rsync problem, I searched
mailing lists as well as Google to find the solution, couldn't find a
definitive answer, and eventually found one myself that worked, so I
thought I'd post it (as many other people had reported similar problems
in the archives) in order to help.

I almost didn't email the list with this solution because I couldn't
remember whether or not to include the output of cygcheck as an
attachment or as part of the body. I looked on the mailing list webpage
on, and couldn't see any info, so I decided to put it in the
body. I should have looked further, but I figured it wouldn't be a big
deal. Of course, I chose the wrong way, and got flamed. I now know the
right way.

Anyway, I hope that my simple patch can help someone else in the future,
and if the additional body of my message bothered anyone, I apologize.

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