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RE: mixing MSVC++ and gcc C++ libs/dlls ?

> Hi!
> The FAQ tells me that only C object files can be mixed.
> Is this true for MS .NET and gcc 3.x since I expect both to be conform to
> the
> ABI standard ?

Gcc 3.0 attempted to conform to the c++ abi - it was wrong - so they fixed
lots of things and 3.2 has a different abi.  However, it was still wrong,
and so 3.4 they are going to fix things and there will be a different abi
again.  If MS .NET actually manage to get conformance with the c++ abi
correct (for some reason I doubt this) - then you may find increased luck
mixing c++ object files.  However you'd have to do said mixing without
mixing std c++ libraries, most likely, since they would probably conflict.
Name mangling is part of the c++ abi so that wont be an issue.  Therefore I
predict in about 2 years time when g++ 3.6 is out and MS .Net version 2 is
out - life may have improved in this reguards ;)  If it works before then,
yay for it.


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