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Re: SSH into XP: mapped network drives disappeared!

Corinna Vinschen wrote:

You're mixing stuff which doesn't belong to each other.  Cygwin is not at all interested in $HOME or your /etc/passwd home entry.  The evaluation of this values is done by tools in a UNIXy way.  Shells (bash, tcsh,
whatever) are traditionally only paying attention to $HOME.  Remember how a logon to a UNIX machine works.  First, there's a terminal on which runs a getty, then login(1) is called for the authentication,  login's only available information is /etc/passwd.  After authentication, login sets $HOME to the correct value and starts a shell.  The shell relies on the fact, that $HOME has been set correctly by the logon procedure.

So, there are authenticating/logon tools which use /etc/passwd and there are user tools, which rely on $HOME already been set correctly by the former. That's just the way it works.

Especially /etc/profile should *not* take the /etc/passwd value for evaluating the home directory. /etc/profile is used by the shell, in a state when $HOME should already have a value. If /etc/profile sets $HOME, this would overwrite custom settings from login tools.

Hmmm... My /etc/profile.orig (I believe that's where I put the original /etc/profile before I modified it) has

# Set up USER's home directory
if [ -z "$HOME" ]; then

Seems to me it not only can, but does set HOME if it has not been set before. If that be the case then why should it guess at using "/home/$USER" instead of the home field in /etc/passwd?

I guess I just think that the value of %HOME% should always equal the value of home in /etc/passwd thus giving the user one consistent home directory.

Granted you're correct that if %HOME% was set and is not the same as /etc/passwd's home then perhaps profile should not change the value. However to me this seems like a receipe for disaster or at least for mass confusion...

Why is the alphabet in that order? Is it because of that song?

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