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Re: SSH into XP: mapped network drives disappeared!

At 07:14 PM 10/22/2003, Andrew DeFaria you wrote:
>Larry Hall wrote:
>>At 04:43 PM 10/22/2003, Andrew DeFaria you wrote:
>>>>'net use' before the 'slogin' shows the Y: drive, and obviously I can cd to /cygdrive/y. 'net use' after 'slogin' shows Y: is there but "not  available", and attempting to cd to /cygdrive/y obviously fails.
>>>>I've read, and indeed this 'net use' check seems to confirm, that this is not a Cygwin problem at all, but an XP problem.
>>>My understanding is that network mapped drives will be marked Unavailable IFF you did a "passwordless" login (however you managed to accomplish a "passwordless" login). However I just tried an ssh passwordfull login and mapped drives are listed as Unavailable! Guess my understanding of this is screwed up!
>>Not necessarily.  Did you try to access the mapped drives?  They're still accessible, even though they're not "available".  I'm not sure why Windows  doesn't understand this and doesn't show it as such by 'net use' but it works just fine for me here.
>Yes I noticed that right after I posted. The odd thing is that I had to switch my passwordless ssh setup to passwordfull first and I noticed that net use said Unavailable, even though I logged in with a password (through ssh). Then posted my response. Meantime I switched back to my passwordless ssh setup and wondered "Hey will I be having problems now that I have passwordless ssh logins to my server where I normally build using a mapped drive" and attempted a build. Worked fine. Also cd'ed into the mapdrive and accessed things with no problems.

Well, that depends on the permissions you've given to the share.  If 
authentication isn't necessary, then you can access it with pubkey or
password.  If users must be authenticated by Windows to allow access,
then only ssh password authentication will let you access the mapped
drive.  This is what I see on my end and makes some sense.  Does this 
describe your situation?

Larry Hall                    
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