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Re: Q: ACE library for cygwin?

Heiko Nardmann wrote:

Did anyone build the ACE library for Cygwin already?

The offical ACE take on cygwin is that it has been ported but is currently unsupported. My understanding is that it can be done in MinGW mode using cygwin tools as the build environment.


Also, the ACE autoconf project is working on 'configure' build support for cygwin though it is unclear to me just how far this goes towards building a pure cygwin version. Check the ACE project file include/makeinclude/platform_cygwin32.GNU for details.

Will Win32 platforms be supported by the Autoconf integration?

The ACE Autoconf integration will not support Win32 platforms since
Win32 platforms generally do not have a UNIX-like environment in
which the configure script can run, for example a Bourne shell. However, the GNU-Win32 <> effort
may allow the ACE Autoconf integration to work on Win32 platforms. Work has been started to allow the ACE Autoconf integrations to work
on Win32 platforms via Cygwin32. This work is still incomplete,

btw - I'd be interested in knowing how things go if you do make it work.

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